Impotence is disease that is characterized by erectile dysfunction. In most cases, this is male pathology, but not an exception – female impotence, which is diagnosed in 25% of cases of sexual diseases. To understand how to treat impotence, it`s necessary to find out what contributed to its development: other diseases that occur in body, or psychogenic disorders.

Drug treatment

Potency can be cured only by comprehensive technique.

Therapy is based on drugs whose action is aimed at increasing it by stimulation of erection. This is achieved by acting on smooth muscles of main components of drug, relaxing cavernous tissue, which causes awakening of erectile function. In this case, there is increase in space of cavernous bodies of penis, increase in blood circulation in it and, as a result, occurrence of characteristic pressure in organ.

By means that can cure potency, include, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. The first drug, that is, Viagra, is prescribed most often. Just one tablet, drunk before sexual intercourse (per hour), is enough to normalize blood circulation in penis and erection. Like all medicines, Viagra can cause side effects: headache, mental disorders, pathology of visual function and gastrointestinal tract.

It isn`t recommended to take medicine in combination with other drugs and in conjunction with intake of alcoholic beverages. Due to fact that Viagra is potency remedy, it is forbidden to prescribe it yourself, because sometimes such remedy isn`t enough to get rid of cause of impotence.


It is possible to treat psychological impotence, especially that which arose at young age, with help of psychotherapeutic sessions. Main goal of psychotherapy is to study those internal barriers that prevent restoration of sexual function, as well as their elimination. It`s with help of regular conducting of such sessions, so you can get rid of pathology.

Psychotherapy is carried out in several stages:

  • Individual conversation with person. Taking into account fact that this problem is quite intimate, it`s necessary to establish sincere and trusting relations between doctor and patient at initial stage of treatment. At this stage, specialist finds out cause of disease. What will be duration of stage depends on individual characteristics of pathology: from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks.
  • Stage 2. As soon as cause of dysfunction has been clarified, they begin to reduce anxiety state through individual conversation with married couple. They inspire woman that she should admire her young man, constantly strengthen his self-esteem, emphasize masculinity. If sexual dysfunction has arisen against background of long life together, doctor suggests making difference in sex. Duration of this stage is determined by specialist, but, as a rule, it is long.
  • Stage 3. If there is need for 3 stages of therapy, couple is invited to attend group classes, where they will see that partners aren`t the only ones who have such problem. Not every impotent wants to admit that he has pathology. Sometimes it is much easier to cope with impotence precisely in group classes than in individual ones.

Vacuum therapy

You can cure sexual dysfunction using physiotherapeutic procedures, one of which is vacuum therapy. Devices with vacuum have special compression ring – main element of device, which affects penis. Stages of exposure are as follows:

  • Cylinder of device is attached to top of organ (on its opposite side there is compression ring).
  • Next, vacuum is created by cylinder and pump, and air is compressed, which becomes condition for blood flow to organ and, as a result, erection.

Such a vacuum device is held on genitals throughout entire period of sexual intercourse. Of great importance in effectiveness of device is correctness of its installation, which should be done immediately before sexual intercourse.

Massage and exercise therapy

How to treat impotence while at home? Massage, which is most effective in development of psychological impotence, will come to rescue. This can be impact on areas such as prostate gland, external genitalia, and reflex points.

Massage of prostate gland improves blood circulation and secretion outflow, which is especially important if there are stagnations that cause erectile dysfunction and pain. Procedure is carried out with your fingers or with help of special massager.

Folk remedies

First of all, you need to adjust your lifestyle. You can engage in active sports, such as swimming or jogging. If, due to duty of professional activity, long sitting position is required, it`s recommended to do warm-up from time to time. Optimal duration of sleep is at least 8 hours a day.

Whenever possible, alcoholic beverages are excluded from daily diet. Useful for potency are walnuts, fresh onions, honey, carrots. Treatment with folk remedies also consists in preparation of infusions (decoctions) of following ingredients:

  • Onions (several pre-chopped onions are poured with half liter of boiling water and left to infuse for hour).
  • Parsley and cilantro (ingredients are mixed in equal volume and added at each cooking, whether it`s first or second dish).
  • Walnuts (insides of nuts are crushed, mixed in equal amounts with honey and consumed several teaspoons at time after eating).
  • Calamus (10 g of roots are poured with 100 ml of hot water and left to infuse for 30 minutes, after which they are taken orally 1 tbsp. at time four times a day).

Impotence can be cured if none of above methods have brought desired effect? In such case, the only way out is surgery.

Surgical methods

Microsurgical revascularization of penis is often prescribed, during which doctor makes anastomosis between arteries such as epigastric and dorsal penis. In this case, specialist anastomoses above arteries.

If veno-occlusive mechanism of genital organ is affected, surgical operation is performed such as spongiolysis, ligation of legs of organ, endovascular embolization of organ veins, ligation and resection of veins such as corporal and emissary. One of most effective surgical procedures is endofalloprosthetics. Favorable prognosis, that is, full recovery, occurs in 90% of cases using this technique.

Impotence of any etiology lends itself to treatment, most importantly, in time to detect pathology and seek help from specialist.