Each person is different – character, outlook on life, world outlook, concepts. It also may include the circumstances relating to sexual and daily lives. Certain situations have different effects on the human with agile mentally easier to perceive many, including acute life situations, and people with fine mental organization may get severe psychological trauma from the usual quarrels with loved ones. In some cases, trauma causes are psychological impotence and lead to a reduction of libido.

Correlation of Brain and Potency

The brain is the main organ in which initially appear sexual desire, it is an appropriate response to some images or memories. The feelings that a man feels, are transmitted through the brain impulses to the blood, and then – on the nerve endings. Accordingly, an erection is the result not so much a tactile as mental stimulation.

Causes of psychological impotence can be:

  • strictly psychological;
  • psychosocial;
  • neuropsychiatric.

The main causes of psychological impotence are to:

  • congenital low libido level;
  • low self-esteem;
  • perverted sexual fantasies;
  • sexual difficulties in the process of self-identification, as well as the psychological trauma of adolescence.

Psychosocial Factors of Impotence

In addition to strictly psychological causes of impotence, its causes can be, and psychosocial factors. For example, among men with poor communication skills, latent homosexuality, the consequences of strict asexual education, lack of sexual experience in adulthood, as well as those who lead an unhealthy lifestyle have been serious sexual dysfunction, including impotence.

Neuropsychiatric causes of erectile dysfunction are in the age-related changes of the body, nervousness, and specific kinds of sexual incompatibility with the partner or the presence of her frigidity.

As a general rule, for men it is difficult to realize the acuteness of the situation and admit, even to them, that erectile dysfunction has become a problem that requires serious and rapid solutions. Thus, the visit to the specialist is constantly postponed, primarily because of shame or unfounded expectation that the problem will be solved by itself.

Consulting of Psychologist or Urologist?

Anyway, at the doctor’s consultation is necessary, first of all, the doctor needs to collect history, for he can ask awkward questions, but answering them should be very honest and detailed, it will be the key to proper treatment.

The doctor can and should ask about:

  • sexual disorder manifestations;
  • its frequency and intensity;
  • frequency and duration of sexual intercourse;
  • frequency of symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

In addition, your doctor may ask whether there was any dysfunction sexual desire, ability to ejaculate and whether relieves masturbation or stimulation. After a detailed survey, the doctor prescribes the appropriate type of patient therapy and provides specific recommendations for the correction of lifestyle. In some cases it is possible to independently overcome sexual dysfunction, without the help of a doctor. First you need to deal with addictions to drink alcoholic beverages and smoking tobacco, after a balanced diet and daily routine, and try to increase resistance to stress.

If, in spite of a healthy lifestyle, positive dynamics in the genital area is not observed, that without the help of a doctor, unfortunately, cannot do.

Typically, for these patients the doctor prescribes drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) and gives direction to the psychotherapist, alas, but without correction of psychological and neurological conditions, this problem cannot be solved.